Fashion Stones

Druzy Quartz Pendant


This beautiful cream-colored druzy stone was sculpted by sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled wire.  The stone is 1 5/8 - Just a little over an inch and a half in length by 3/4 in width. I pair it with a byzantine chain that can be purchased separately

Here's a link to the chain that's featured: Byzantine chain – Fashion Stones (


Information about Druzy: The term 'druzy' (or drusy) refers to tiny quartz crystals that are formed inside or on the surface of other stones when water containing silica particles is forced into a fissure or porous area of a rock and rapidly cools there. The clear crystals often form on top of previously deposited minerals, which give the particles their color. The crystals create a glittering effect as they reflect light from their many facets. Druzy stones are inexpensive and easy to cut into a variety of shapes—offering a great deal of color and light-play for a very affordable cost.

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